Fire Alarm Testing

The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (amended 1999) requires any business with 5 or more employees to carry out a written Risk Assessment and have an Emergency plan.

Failure to undertake and hold a written Risk assessment is a criminal offence. Fortunately JMC Electrical Testing Services are here to help!

Continued Compliance

Fire Alarm Regulation BS5839 requires the duty holder to undertake Periodic checks to ensure the functionality of their alarm system. Failure to keep the Fire Alarm System in working order could lead the local Fire Brigade to serve enforcement notices requiring compliance. They also have the authority to close any building which does not meet this act.

Check Frequencies required by BS5839 can be:

  1. * Daily
  2. * Weekly
  3. * Quarterly
  4. * Annually

All check frequencies have specific requirements. Checks should be recorded where necessary in the Fire Safety Log Book.

How Can JMC Electrical Testing Services Help You Comply With The Law?

All of our engineers are trained experts in fire alarms testing. After a thorough evaluation of your premises, its uses and its occupancy, we conduct the formal inspections & tests to ensure that your premisis fully complies with the requirements set out in BS5839.